We’ve returned home to King Elementary!

We have partnered with The Decode Project to the launch of our newest program – Leopard Learners.  This collaboration aims to inspire King Elementary students by incorporating thirty minutes of music and thirty minutes of tutoring, enhancing the effectiveness of the learning process. This innovative approach is rooted in the longstanding belief that engaging in music can stimulate the brain, creating a more receptive environment for education. When kids possess strong literacy skills and the confidence to believe in themselves and their ideas, they hold the transformative power to shape society.  The Decode Project, with its focus on students who require structured literacy support, ensures that even those who are often overlooked receive a solid foundation in literacy – a vital element for promoting equity and inclusivity.

An additional exciting aspect of this project is that all the instruments we began with are still housed at King, eagerly awaiting their chance to be played once more. The prospect of returning to our roots and rekindling the musical spirit within the halls of King Elementary fills us with great excitement and joy!

This project would not be possible without the financial support of Impact 100 Louisville.