Media Mentions

Media Mentions

Ozzy Osbourne Donates $10,000 to Louisville Kids Band
“Myself, my whole family and my fans all loved your rendition,” the Black Sabbath singer wrote of the viral, all-percussion “Crazy Train”. May 10, 2015
Young Louisville Percussionists Love Led Zeppelin — And Jimmy Page Loves Them

“Too good not to share,” Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page wrote Feb. 20 on his Facebook page. “Have a rocking weekend!” All Things Considered, NPR, March 1, 2015

WFPL Five Things Podcast: Teacher Diane Downs On Music, Confidence, And Mowing The Lawn

How do the objects we love define us? What can we learn from the things we treasure? And how can we discover a life story through those objects? Five Things, from 89.3 WFPL and Louisville Public Media, explores those questions and more. Our guest this week on Five Things is Diane Downs, a musician and a teacher who leads one of the most unusual performing ensembles you’ll ever hear. 5 Things Podcast, WFPL, July 13, 2017

TEDxKC, Opening Performance, September 2015

Drum Talk TV, May 2017