Jan. 10, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

Jan. 10, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

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Board Meeting Minutes

Jan 10, 2019



Present: Jessica Murr (Pres), Seanna Bezehertny (Past Pres), Tamuna Loladze (Tres), Chris Jozefowicz (Sec), Matt Banker, John Scruton, Laura Wheeler, Amber Fox-Young, Caroline Taylor, Kate Kolb, Kent Klarer, Colleen Conley, Diane Downs Absent: Adam Lowey, Kristin Wingfeld, Debbie Woods


Approve November 2018 minutes. No changes.


President’s Update (Jessica)

  • Committees work ongoing.
  • Committees should schedule one meeting between now and next board meeting in March.


Finance/Business Manager Report (Caroline/Tamuna)

Caroline: Updates on tax changes. Grant for truck put over $200K income mark, as a result can’t use 990EZ form so taxes delayed. Caroline will send draft of taxes to board. CPA input says seems fine on contract workers. Annual mailing donations coming in, above $6100 now. Strongest year in a while. New state taxes will not affect raffle tickets, but will have to pay 6% tax on event ticket sales. Will pay out of profits.

Committee Updates (5mins each)

  • PR (Jessica for Adam) – Adam working on setting up meeting with VIA to develop communications plan. Need to get verified accounts on social media. Get ideas to promote Big Gig.
  • Development (Jessica for Kristin) – Discussed permanent home. Committee not comfortable buying building. Consider longer term rental? Market value rent is $38K more than we pay now. Try to get more corporate sponsors; ideas include logos on T-shirts, truck, banners/signs, group social media. Try to get yearly or seasonal sponsors. Comparisons to peer groups suggest our tuition is low. Seanna suggests some organizations have different small perks at different tuition levels, supportive levels.
  • Stakeholder (Laura) – 1) Creating a message system with Remind app., rollout with the raffle tickets. 2) Winter Social upcoming, info soon. 3) Will get alumni list to start bringing them in, need info from Diane. There’s an alumni Facebook group. Kate suggests we revamp the alumni group on FaceBook, make more active. Untapped resource.
  • Merch (Kate) – Jennifer Hewitt volunteered to create online system for inventory. Kate and Sherry Rudolph will give her numbers. Idea: a counting party for inventory. Goal is to make online store. Next week need Middle School and Lite shirt oreders going for Big Gig. Going to order iron-on patches.
  • Executive (Jessica) – Need to get mailing list to Mail Chimp paid system. Goal by Feb to have system running so ready by Big Gig. Still gathering wish list from teachers. Will meet within next month with Spalding University to find out how long we can stay. Sign-o-rama gives grants for signs, Jess applied for removable signs for building. Grants announced in Feb.

Need camp registration forms online by Feb 1.

Big Gig Ad Update (Kent) – Big Gig program will have corporate ads and yearbook style ads. Ken will do design and layout. Needs to coordinate with printer. Deadline is tight, if can’t get it together this year, will be set up for next year. Jess suggests that maybe we just open personal ads to 6th grade parents if we need simplify.

Google Suites (Kent) – Google offers software through their domain for nonprofits. Would give us email domains with our name.

Open Discussion/Ideas

  • Caroline and Kent went to Metro grant meeting. Can apply as arts or youth program. Feb 8 is application deadline, announce in April, funds come out in fall. Important consideration: what can we fund for outreach to kids we are having trouble reaching? Collaboration is a big scoring factor.
  • Clark Family Foundation coming to rehearsal Feb 14. Advanced and Beginner will be together to play for them. Idea: ask kids to make valentines? Something special.

Committees meet at least once before next board meeting.


Future Meetings: March 14, May 9: 6:15-7:30 (at the rehearsal space)